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Safety Tips For An Enjoyable Boating Experience

Boat RepairTim Smith Marine Boat Repair wants you to know, if you own a boat, you should practice the recommended safety tips to ensure that you enjoy a fun and hassle free boating experience. Although accidents and mishaps can occur, proper knowledge and preparation can help you return to the dock safely. In this article, we have mentioned some best practices to prevent any boating accidents. Even in the worst cases, you will be prepared to handle the situation and effectively do some damage control.

First of all, you must always remember to wear a life jacket. You may be very good at boating, but even then you must always ensure that you keep your safety first. According to the rules set by the U.S. Coast Guard, you must always carry life jackets or personal floatation devices for each person on board. You never know when accident might take place; hence it is recommended that you always wear a safety jacket. Statistics reveal that several drowning victims might have been saved only if they had life jackets.

Secondly, you should know your boat perfectly. This is one of most important requisites of being a good boatman. You should have the skills to manage a boat perfectly, and this includes boat handling, navigation, line handling, anchoring, troubleshooting small engine problems, and proper emergency response.

Thirdly, for any boat owner, it is mandatory to take a boating safety course. Nearly 85 percent of the accident cases involve operators that did not have any formal training or boating education. A boating training course will educate you about the basics of seamanship. Do not underestimate the importance of a boating safety course. The knowledge that you gain through it will definitely not go wasted.

Fourthly, you should stay sober while on the boat. Many boat owners take to drinking alcohol during their boating expedition and this is much more hazardous on water than on land. This is mainly because the marine environment increases the damage. There are many cases of boat accidents where deaths occurred mainly due to alcohol use. Besides the risk of safety, drinking alcohol while boating is illegal and punishable by law.

The fifth safety tip is that you must be well versed with the navigation rules. When you are stuck in potentially dangerous waters, you should be able to use buoys and day boards to navigate easily. You should learn to read the nautical charts, and keep them as reference in your boat. This will help you be familiar with the area in which you are boating. The boating safety course also includes lessons on how to navigate properly and effectively use the charts, RADAR, GPS, and compass.

Finally, you should remember to get a regular boat safety check done by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. The professional experts will inspect your vessel free of cost and provide helpful guidance. They will be able to tell you about things that need to be fixed in order to avoid any accident. It is always better to stay safe than sorry, so remember these safety tips
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